Pen Enthusiasts Unite!

Somewhere In Seattle — A Pen Club? Oh Yes! The Seattle Pen Club is a gathering of fountain pen enthusiasts. We love and collect fountain pens, roller-balls and even mechanical pencils. A collection of connoisseurs of writing instruments. A group of garrulous groupies of the stylus. We meet every third Saturday of the month at 11am in the Friends Meeting Room at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. If you have an interest in pens, come on over and join us. We are made up of old and young, new to pen collecting, veterans of the trade and just those that enjoy the history of pens and penmenship.


For the month containing Valentine’s day we’ve done red pens, chocolate colored pens, pens of love (given you by loved ones) and red ink.

We don't often update the website but we do meet regularly every third Saturday. Our President George sends out an email reminder every month. To get yourself on this list, email George at seattlepenclub dot com. Meetings are often themed and we sometimes take photos of the meetings and share them via email as well.

Twice a year, we head up to the Bellingham Public Market to meet with pen enthusiasts up north, so do get yourself on the email list for regular updates!


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